Cheers, Jean-Sébastien! ~ to a genius bon vivant~

Would you care for beer or wine? Rather coffee or muscatel? … Maybe a sip of each, like Johann Sebastian Bach? In fact, although the Kantor of Leipzig was devoutly religious, he was no less of a bon vivant and he lent cachet to his drinks in his works … through his “coffee” or “peasants” cantatas, which he himself called “cantates burlesques” … written in French!

Last year, La Fenice Ensemble whetted your appetite with its “cabbages and turnips” from the Quolibet of the Goldberg Variations, and its popular melody with the audience singing along? Join us and celebrate its 30th anniversary with (fake) drinks and festive music! As an immortal, Jean-Sébastien never stopped being thirty and eager for life, and he sure drew his inspiration from these musical liquors… You can now enjoy it to your heart’s content!



Ensemble La Fenice a soprano soloist a baritone/flutist/cornetist, violin, viola, cello, harpsichord

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