Mémoires de M. d’Artagnan

Mémoires de M. d'Artagnan

About a year ago, I was doing research at the Royal Library for my book about Louis XIV, I stumbled onto the Memoirs of M. D’Artagnan..

This was not a musicologist speaking, but an erudite historian, known as… Alexandre Dumas! By then, he had no idea how successful his novel The 3 Musketeers would be in Paris, in France and shortly after in the world. This Mr. D’Artagnan, totally unknown at the time, was about to be brought back to life and in the spotlight, inspiring countless novels and films with sword-fighting. All we missed so far was a musical show that would have people hearing the drinking songs, the court airs, the battle fanfares, the drums and other “hunting noises”, happily going from the emotion of love for Milady to the friendliness of our four bon vivants! The three musketeers of La Fenice, gathered with the narrator Jean Tubéry alias Alexandre Dumas … sit at a table full of dishes, next to a special guest, Mr D’Artagnan, entertainer of modern times, played by Dominique Visse (according to availability). Our five companions will lively mix text and music, twirling from gouaille to tenderness, from gaudiness to nostalgia, from laughter to tears… The latters never last as our bon vivants enjoy even more the bottle of “Old Burgundy”: the only thing that won’t remain after the evening !



1 soloist Ensemble la Fenice: sackbut, theorbo, organ/harpsichord

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